Box Sash Construction


 Materials, Methods and Techniques

     We are able to manufacture Box Sash Windows from a wide variety of timbers, soft wood, hardwood or a combination of the two.
Our standard new windows are manufactured in first class joinery pine with Hardwood cills. Supplied, primed, glazed and draught proofed.
Sashes operate traditionally on waxed sash cords over brass pulley wheels, onto counter weights in the side pockets.
The types of joints used when manufacturing a box sash window are quite varied. On the box itself we use lap, full housing, tongue and grove, mitres as well as location joints for the pocket covers

On the sashes basic mortise and tenon,(with or without haunches), bridle, wedge through and occasionally double tenons if the rails are too large.
Standard mouldings used on our windows consist of staff and parting beads as well as an up stand on the box itself. On the sashes we use a large or small Ovolo or a Lambs tongue.
We are also able to manufacture new cutters to copy existing details. Our methods and techniques are all traditional to allow us to achieve authentic reproduction of Victorian and Georgian windows.

We are also able to manufacture to specific specifications or even design from scratch to achieve a certain look.