Restoration is a large part of our business whether it’s Windows, Doors, decorative moulding, skirtings or Architrave. We are able to reproduce copies of original Georgian, Victorian and Venetian windows.

Where possible we discreetly incorporate modern Draught proofing, and we can also fit double glazed units without spoiling the look or character of the Window style.

When it comes to the repair or replacement of older windows there are many problems.The most difficult to overcome are that firstly all old houses used imperial dimensions as opposed to metric and secondly often each window was custom made.

Even where the originals were mass produced there are problems sourcing the correct replacements as the original tooling has long since been disposed of.

Replacements can be made with exactly the same mouldings and horn details as the original. The results are in fact identical to how the originals would have looked when they were new.


Copycats pride itself on being able to copy any style of window.

Traditional Box sash                         Hexagonal design                        Diamond Casement



To do this we make our own cutters to profile the wood to the original dimensions, we do not buy the mouldings ready cut.

Each window is hand made using selected first class materials, joinery grade pine is used throughout except for the hardwood cills.

We follow traditional practices with the sash hung from waxed cord over brass pulley wheels onto counter-weights in the side pockets.

We are not totally slaves to tradition, where your comfort is considered, we discreetly fit modern draught proofing into the window to keep your rooms warmer and stop sash rattle.

Double glazing is also available with the Copycats perfected design allowing the retention of the narrow glazing bars so attractive in sash windows.

We are also able to double glaze new windows so they conform to  Document 'L' of the Building Regulations.