Here are some useful hints and tips to help maintain your windows and doors.

We are often asked how to paint a box sash window.


Colours on the drawing indicate the extent of the numbered areas.

Firstly open the window and reverse the sash positions, then paint them in the following order.

1. Meeting rail on both sashes.

2. Vertical bars of top sash as far as possible.

3. The area that the inner/bottom sash sits on, and lower runners.

4. Cross/bottom rail and under side of bottom sash.

5. Meeting rail of bottom sash

6. Verticals of bottom sash

7. Cross/top rail of top sash

8. Remaining vertical bars.

9. Sofit, top runners and behind the cords.

10. Finally the frame

11. Patience!!

Gloss paint takes approximately 24 hours to dry to the touch but a lot longer to dry right through. We recommend that once the windows have been decorated, and had a day to dry, that they are operated once a day for a fortnight, during which time it would be good to spray the runners with Pledge furniture polish or anything silicone based. This will stop paint sticking to paint and lubricate the sashes.



UPVC window maintenance

Spraying the channels of UPVC vertical sliding windows with a silconed based product also helps to lubricate and ease operation. The use of WD40 or similar also helps friction hinges. If your UPVC casement windows become to loose or tight you can adjust them by tightening or loosening a small screw in the hinge, there is one in each hinge.

Double glazing that appears cloudy is usually a sign that the seal has broken down between the glass panels. You do not need to replace your windows as replacement Units are avalible, unless of course you want to. Handles and hinges are all replaceable



 We have been called out on numerous occasions after new doors have been fitted, being told that the doors are sticking or not shutting as they did when first installed. Quite often when we check the doors we find that either the bottom, or the top, or even both have not been painted and therefore have taken on moisture and swollen causing the problem.

This can be easily overcome over time. The door will need to dry out over a prolonged warm spell (weather permitting!!!). Once dry adjustments can be made if required and then the door/doors need to be decorated correctly.

Hinges, locks, bolts and any other furniture will need a light oil to maintain them.

UPVC Doors

These have numerous ways of being adjusted, if not on the hinges then on the lock keeps or both. All mechanisms will need lubrication at some time.